Premium Quality

Regardless of  how big or small of a client you are, you got top-notch services. Whether your budget is $5 a day or $1000 a day, we set up your campaigns in the same exact manner to give you the most "bang for your buck". We do not use any kind of artificial mechanisms to inflate your fans, each and every fan you get is hungry for whatever you have to offer.

Lowest Price

Our goal is to always bring you the highest possible return on investment, while this varies from client to client, most clients would observe that our commissions are negligible compared to their ROI, it would feel as though you're getting a free service!

Satisfaction Guarantee

With our first response to you once you decide to work with us, we will give you promises (dates, schedules, deadlines) and set your expectations. You can hold us accountable to every promise we make. We do not believe in just a verbal "sorry" when we make mistakes. If we make a mistake or break a promise, we compensate you. Be that through a discount, a special additional service or extra, a little gift or otherwise. You always walk away happy, always.

Laser Targeting

With your help, we understand exactly what you do and who your perfect customers are. We combine this knowledge with Facebook's incredibly powerful targeting capabilities that allow us to reach your customers based on age, gender, marital status, employment, interests and much more. This ensure that every dollar you spend goes towards acquiring a potential customer who will actually feel blessed they stumbled upon your business!


Facebook's Terms of Service and Advertising Guidelines are our bible. This means we often take extra precautions to ensure your page and Facebook assets stay safe and sound. There are tons of shady tactics used in this industry and you'll often be unable to spot the difference between a shady or legit campaign. That is, before it's already too late and Facebook has deleted your page for violation of their policies. How much would that cost you? That is why we take pride in being completely transparent with you. At any point if you feel that's not the case, you can leave the next minute. We do not force you into any kind of long term commitments.

Elite Support

What can we say? We love talking to our clients. Go ahead and read the client feedback at the right column of the website. Most our emails are answered within 24 hours and all of them within 72. (including weekends) Want to call for consultation? Chit chat about the future of your business, or even ask us out? Well, shoot!