Best Countries Packages

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“Best Countries” is a unique package offered by FanWizard to its valued clients. It is a combination of premium quality and low price that makes it the number one choice for many FanWizard clients thus, we call it the “Premiere Package”. Read on about all the benefits below!

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“Wait! Is this some kind of scam?? Why don’t you ask me about my fan page URL?” Actually, it isn’t. After payment, PayPal redirects you to our order page where you fill your details. If for any reason it doesn’t, you can always go to it manually after payment by typing in

Best Countries Packages – The Benefits

  • Major increase in fans based in USA,UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand among other highly demanded countries.
  • Over 70% of fans are English speakers.
  • All fans are 100% Real Humans.
  • Fans never spam your page or swear. We do not trick them into liking your page.
  • Very low fan drop rate because of the high quality. If it drops below ordered quantity, we compensate FREE!
  • Blazing Fast Speeds. Up to 1000 fans in 24 to 36 hours.
  • Safe & Risk-free. No customer has ever complained of problems.
  • Guaranteed Fans. You pay for 1000, we promote till you get THOSE 1000.
  • Quickly and effectively establish credibility.
  • Sure fire way to grab attention and get people talking.

Why Best Countries?

We call this package “Best Countries” as it’s a package that delivers audience from countries that are often target by online and offline marketers alike. Many of our top resellers no longer provide pure USA or UK packages and have replaced those packages with this one because of it’s quality and amazingly right price. It mixes real human fans from top countries that most marketers target at a very affordable price. What else could you ask for?

Too many fans in a short time, problem?

Worldwide fans deliver at blazing fast speeds without risking any fan page bans. Think about the hundreds of businesses and celebrities that get suddenly featured in news or otherwise achieves word-of-mouth publicity. What happens to their fan pages? They explode with thousands of fans in a few hours. Facebook is used to businesses gaining fans very slowly and very fast so it’s very unlikely that speed would raise any red flags.

An additional PayPal fixed fee of $0.3 as well as a 3.40% fee is applied at checkout. We apologize for this but since we have a pretty slim profit margin to allow us to give you those great prices, PayPal will not cut us a break hence when they take the fee, our profit is reduced even more.

Kindly note that you cannot split a package to several pages. If you’re ordering for multiple pages, please order multiple packages for them. You can use our multi-page order form that lets you enter the amount you need to pay. So for example if you need fans for two pages, each page getting 1000, then you need to pay $42 X 2 = $84.