Compare Us

We just had to create a dedicated page for this since it is a very common question. Before we say anything at all,  I’d like to tell you that by no means is the purpose of this page to attack any competitor. We only focus on what WE have to offer for you and some industry-wide negative issues that you WILL NOT find with us. We do not go through competitors by names, or discuss what they “lack” or are not good at. At the end of the day, YOU are the JUDGE. 🙂

So as with most pages on this website, we will keep this short and simple in bullet point format.

  • Upfront descriptions and support. What you read about is what you get.
  • Friendly, fast & professional support through our ticket system (phone for urgent matters).
  • Refund guarantees covering all our services (if service not delivered).
  • Efficient & Organized order system, extremely simple to place one order, or a hundred orders!
  • Consistent email updates notifying you of order status.
  • Complete pricing transparency. There’s no “contact us and find out the price” marketing tactic.
  • Innovative management keeps up with industry changes, maintains and constantly enhances our market position.
  • We do not believe in saying “sorry”! Don’t get us wrong, what we mean by that is, if we screw up, we’ll always make you happy not just through a “sorry” but through a tangible compensation. (discounts, gifts, special deals…etc).
  • Facebook compliant. Your page is safe with us. Competitors left and right use virtually UNDETECTABLE (by you) shady tactics. You never know what hit you before it’s too late. This doesn’t happen with us, we play by the book.
  • Goal oriented. You talk to us about your dreams in pure (jargon free) English. We handle the translation to the campaign world.

Below are things we have never done, and will never do.

  • Make you wait for weeks or ignore your support ticket requests (especially when we’re late or are having problems).
  • Use automated systems and accounts, trick/mislead users in any form or shape to drive fans to your page.
  • Claim refund guarantees then deny your refunds saying all our customers are satisfied so it’s your fault.
  • Order a bunch of fake video testimonials or text testimonials from freelance sites. Most of our testimonials can be verified excluding the ones that requested to stay anonymous.
  • Charge an arm and a leg for our service, and if you do a very quick Google search, you’ll understand what we’re talking about.
  • Diversify support quality according to how much the client is valued at. Whether you order for $30 from us or for $3,000, you will receive the same quality support.
  • Keep trying to sell you “addon” services you don’t need to pull as much money as we can out of your pocket.
  • Use behind the scenes “third parties” to outsource our work to. Your work is done by OUR TEAM and only our team, we’re not middlemen taking a cut.