Facebook for Business

In years past people promoted home-based businesses by giving out business cards, attending business conventions, using TV and radio advertising and telling friends and relatives about their businesses.  While these methods still work for promotions, the rise of the Internet made it easier for home-based businesses to promote themselves because they have a wider audience. Then there are social media outlets such as Facebook, which benefited many business owners in recent years. Here’s how to use Facebook for business.

The first thing you should do is visit Facebook’s homepage then go to the business account webpage. Create a business account, write some relevant information about your business then publish your profile. To keep the business page active, keep customers up to date by discussing the latest happenings with your business and offering them discounts and free samples, which you can do by posting links to your business website. Answer messages you get from customers throughout the week and look for suggestions they give. If you’re promoting your online thrift store and some local customers would like to see more vintage local T-shirts with popular local slogans, find ways of locating these shirts.

Writing well-researched blogs is another good way to use Facebook for business. When writing the blogs, include information that’s related to your home-based business. If you operate an online music store, write some articles on topics such as the current state of hip-hop culture, recent shutdowns of some college radio stations, recent interest in vinyl and cassette tapes by young people, your city’s newest independent artists and trends in music journalism. Also invite your Facebook friends to suggest topics for your blogs.

You can also combine Facebook with YouTube to promote your home-based business because millions of people watch YouTube videos each day for everything from music clips to independent documentaries. If you want to promote your online organic food store, create some short promotional videos about your store and discuss how the foods you sell are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. Another idea is to do some cooking demonstrations with your products in these videos, and send to your Facebook friends.

If your home-based business is growing quickly, and you need extra staff to help you meet customers’ demands, use Facebook to recruit workers. Post some job ads on your Facebook business page and include the nature of your business, job description, salary, your requirements and the e-mail address so your Facebook friends can send their resumes. This is also a good way to seek new suppliers for your business, particularly if your goal is to patronize new local suppliers. If you receive messages from potential suppliers, request some information on their products and arrange to visit them to get an idea of what they offer.

When you use Facebook for business, you’re able to reach more potential customers than in previous years, and you’ll have instant connection to your current customers. Using Facebook as a marketing tool also allows you to find out what the latest consumer trends are to improve services.