Facebook Marketing

The 21st century is seeing the rise of a new kind of Free Enterprise. It’s known as Social Media. Socializing and Networking online through sites such as Myspace, Twitter, career networking on Linkedin, as well as blogging. The biggest of all these is Facebook which debuted within the last decade and now is the world’s biggest social media outlet. Friends and family connect on here, classmates keep in touch and plan reunions and businesses even use Facebook marketing themselves promoting their events.

Facebook Marketing Solutions has many resources available to businesses to aid them in their campaigns. In this article, we will focus on their educational resources in a section called Facebook for Business, which includes four main tools that businesses use to grow their businesses: They are pages, ads, sponsored stories and platforms.

Facebook Pages

Businesses must start with a photo that captures their business name or its product. From there the business has to include a location so their customers can find them. Then the company includes a brief intro describing themselves or their product, including links and contact information. They can also enhance the page with apps that allow the prospective customer to share menus, videos, etc. The last step during this Facebook marketing process is in creating the page that includes wall posts with updates, videos, links in the News Feed for their prospects and their friends to view and comment on.

After the page is created, the business has to communicate by posting things like sneak peeks of products and services and ask questions so as to get their customers to engage with the business as well as other Facebook friends and fans.

Businesses can also bring awareness to their page by informing their in-store customers to “like” them in their Facebook marketing strategy. This can be done in the store, through email, or business cards by promoting the URL for the page.

Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories

Ads are designed to build awareness, drive sales and enlarge the company’s fan base. They do this by targeting demographics either by location, language, education, work, age, gender, relationship status, likes and interests and friends of connections.

Some tips to design an engaging ad include placing the company name, page, questions, or any other key information in the title. Also, providing a clear action plan and highlighting the benefits, along with an eye-catching image that relates to the body is a good Facebook marketing tool. Lastly, targeting a wide variety of audiences to see which group is the most responsive to the ads will give an idea of whom to focus the campaigns on the most.

As always, in business, companies have budgets for ad campaigns. With regards to the world of social media and Facebook marketing, this includes deciding whether to use cost-per-click or cost-per-impression. It also includes the daily budget of how much they want to pay each day, so when they hit it the ads no longer show.

Sponsored stories occur when someone likes the company’s page, shares a story on their News Feed, or does a check-in at the store’s location. These stories generally show up on the right-hand side of the Facebook page.

Facebook Platforms

Facebook marketing platform is a way to integrate Apps with other features of the social media site. The App can publish directly to members’ feeds, make it easier for them to share the content and be used as a custom tab on a Facebook page.

The site can be made social by taking advantage of social plug-ins such as the like and login buttons which add Facebook’s social experiences to the person’s own site. Other plug-ins include comments made on any piece of content, a registration button which allows the customer to sign in to a company website with their Facebook account, and users can also receive personalized recommendations for a site they happen to like.

There are also a number of tools to integrate social experiences into phone apps and mobile websites by signing into mobile apps with their Facebook account, post directly through the app onto their wall, as well as viewing personalized content based on their friends and interests.

To wrap it up, social media is another step in the world of e-commerce, which is another branch of free enterprise that this country was founded on. Because Facebook marketing is a free service, there is little to no overhead for the implementation of the advertising; just the designing of the ads and paying a service to direct people to the sites like StumbleUpon which is about $.005 per click. Also most ecommerce businesses don’t usually pay taxes or less than offline pursuits. So, in the dawning of the 21st century, when starting up a small business and wanting to market one’s product or service, consider social media sites such as Facebook marketing which nearly everyone in the world is on. It will only continue to improve and become more advanced in the years to come.