Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

> Man,  you’re expensive!

- With all due respect, if you’re saying that, then you have no idea about the prices of services similar to ours in the industry. People offer social media services that are targeted by country for over $80 per 1000 person and if you’ve done any, even minor, research you’d know that. In addition to that, we have dozens of resellers buying from us and selling at double our prices at times. And they come and buy again. Well no one in their right mind would do that if they don’t have customers and are not making a killing, right?

> What countries do worldwide fans come from?

- While we do not guarantee any specific countries, most worldwide fans are expected to come from Europe.

> Can I split a package to different URLs?

- All packages and price quotes are per page. You cannot split one package across multiple pages unless stated otherwise on a particular sales page for one of the services.

> Will these people  interact on my page, show interest in it?

- We give no guarantees of any activity from the fans. It is not uncommon for our clients to report activity from the fans, however, we do encourage you to take a look at the picture below which displays activity statistics from a facebook fan page that has close to 2 million fans. This and the fact that fan interaction is hugely affected by a number of factors like your niche, the type of posts you put up (contents? rewards? special offers?) make it unreasonable for us to “guarantee” any interaction from those fans.

Facebook Statistics

> Can you deliver followers to other countries that are not listed?

- Currently only the countries listed under our packages are the countries we can work with. We will keep the website updated if we add support for other countries in the future.

> How do you actually get the followers?

- Unlike the majority of other sellers, we do not keep a deep dark secret that if revealed would turn everyone into fan sellers (like Our methods are pretty simple. We use a wide variety of methods, none of them has ever caused our clients problems with facebook or otherwise. Some of them include using our very large network of suppliers that include fan page owners, webmasters…etc. These people are willing to monetize their traffic so in exchange for asking their users to like their “sponsor” (which is you, the client), we give them money. We also use incentive likes techniques by which we ask a user to like a page in exchange for getting access to a download / credits in an app / coupon code…etc. We pay users to like your page. This is all legal as we do not force users nor do we trick them to do anything at all.

> Will the followers unlike/unfollow my page/account?

- This is unlikely but might happen depending on which one of our services you get to order. We always try to over-deliver so if you order 1,000 new followers, we make sure the promotion we proceed with is enough to get you more than that.

> What’s the major advantage of no admin/account access, OTHER THAN Security?

- Good question. Often people think that admin access is just a security problem. A matter of trusting the provider or not. Well, it’s not. You see, (and I AM NOT talking about all providers here), usually a provider that needs admin access uses twiends or a similar exchange platform. Twiends was something awesome at first, now it gets abused by thousands of marketers and bots. So it’s not a good place to get “real” fans any more. Many of the fans there don’t even LOOK real.

> Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

- The pricing in our packages section already has a discount scheme. As your ordered package gets bigger, the less you pay per follower. We also offer discounts for resellers or brokers. We know our prices are incredibly low so many people will buy from us and want to sell to their “high-end” clients. To read more about our reseller program and its benefits, please visit our resellers page.

> Can you do niche targeted fans?

- Yes and no. Can’t do that, and don’t actually know of anyone who can. Even if there was, you’re looking at, at least 4 times the price we, and other providers charge. Reason being, who’s gonna drive 1,000 laser targeted, hungry prospects that you can pitch to again and again and can help you get your page to go viral / grow for $30? Or even $50? It’s traffic that’s potentially worth thousands of dollars of profits to you so paying that low amount for it would be out of question. That said, in some occasions we can get you niche targeted fans but we’re probably talking in the $X,XXX range. If you have that kind of budget for your project, we may be able to arrange something for you. Simply contact us via a support ticket to discuss your particular project.