Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s included in your service?

This is a very important question. In a nutshell, we create and manage facebook advertising campaigns for you. Everything you see on our “what we do” page is a building block to making the “create and manage facebook advertising campaigns” part badass. It’s very important to note that we do not design graphics/logos/banners…etc and we DO NOT create posts, reply to clients or modify content on your fanpage by any means. We only provide guidance in some of these fields in order to help us do what we do best, the promotional/advertising campaigns. This means that any “material” we will need for our ads, we will ask you to handle it. There are times when we won’t need anything (like when promoting a post that already exist) but when we need something outside the campaign setup/management process, we expect you to handle it. If you cannot, then we can usually handle it ourselves but for additional fees which we’ll negotiate with you.


Can’t I just do what you do myself?

This is a great and common question. Facebook has recently made it really simple to create ads. You just signup in minutes, follow simple steps and BAM! Your ad is live and we can start seeing results. Okay then, what do we do differently? Actually the process itself we follow to “create the campaign” is pretty similar to what you do, and that is not why you pay for our services. You pay because we base every decision within your campaign setup on data. You can learn more about what that means on our “what we do” page. But now you’re asking, what’s it to you? How does basing everything on data and research help? Well, in a nutshell, it makes the difference between someone creating a campaign, and paying $10 for 100 fans, and someone spending those same $10 to acquire the same quality fans, except they are 1,000 instead of 100. Of course these figures are just examples but the in-depth research we do allows us to bring you the best possible results at a fraction of the cost if you were to do it yourself. (Well unless you’re an expert at the field yourself, that is :D)


When do I start seeing results?

Once you complete the client profile form (CPF) we will review all your details and get in touch with you (48-96 hours). Once you agree on the terms and pricing plan as well as submit your payment, we then start working on your order within 24 hours. So the total time since you land on our website till you see results could be as fast as 3 days to one week. (Providing you’re responsive and work with us promptly). Some clients take more than that to start seeing initial results but that is usually because they take time to get back to us.

Finally, we should note that the initial “results” you see are the most often the “worst”. This is because we’re still testing and optimizing your campaign heavily. As days pass, you will usually notice that you keep spending less but seeing MORE results. The optimization process is always happening as long as you’re signed up with us, so the more time that passes the more data we’ll have on your clients, the more analysis we do and the more we make your campaign effective. For more information about this “optimization” process, please visit the “what we do” page.


I think you’re expensive, why’s that?

A typical response to this question is to attempt to “brainwash” you into believing we’re the best on this planet. (That’s not to say we aren’t 😉 ) but we highly encourage all our clients to compare us directly to our competitors. First off, read our “Why us?” page. Then, go ahead and do your own due delligence. Before deciding, we’d really highly encourage you to talk to us (and others) directly via email, phone or chat. Let us know your concerns and needs and hear us out.

If that response is too long for you and you want a more direct one: No, we’re totally NOT expensive. Why? If something costs you $10,000 to do, that’s expensive right? Well what if it brings you $50,000 worth of revenues, crazy music fans, partners, leads…etc? Not so expensive now right? That’s why you can never fully judge a service like ours before we see results, and our plans start at ones that are quite inexpensive compared to the industry standard, so you can try us out yourself. We also encourage you to visit out “what we do” page to learn more about our exact services for easier head-to-head comparisons.


Do you guarantee the number of fans/clients that I get?

Actually let us stop you right there and tell you: If someone is doing that, then that’s a huge red flag. Why? Every client is very different than the other, even ones in the very same industry. This is because every client offers different services, different support, has a different “image” in clients’ brains, has a different….”personality” in a somewhat metaphoric manner. That is why there’s never a “one size fits all” pricing structure or campaign type, we do not have some proven formula that we replicate with each and every client. Sure, we do have guidelines and best practices to follow but we tailor all our services to our clients’ needs.

That is why it’s impossible to guarantee specific results. We could work with you to set expectations and regularly keep you updated with what we do. We also never tie your hands with long-term commitments so that the moment you feel our services are not for you, you can just pick up and leave. (Provided that all services you’ve paid for have been rendered.) Read about our refund policy below.


Do I have to fill the full Client Profile Form (CPF) to get started with you?

We very highly recommend that you fill everything in. You’ll see that the “required” fields actually aren’t that many, but anything you “withhold” from us could impact the service. We know it’s not fun to fill in long forms, but you’ll only do it once and we’ll have your data on file (except when you need to start significantly different campaigns). Plus, you’ll ensure that everything on your part is A-okay so when things go wrong, we don’t blame you (we never really do, but we’re trying to scare you into filling everything in because it’s really important). Of course if something on the form is not applicable to you or just does not exist, it’s certainly okay to leave it out.


Do I have to commit with you for a long term period/contract?

We do not have any long term contracts or commitments. Our pricing structure is explained thoroughly in the pricing section under services and pricing. Our fees are either flat or percentage based, your budget determines that. So you simply choose an overall budget and the fees will be decided accordingly, then you can spend that budget on advertising as fast or as slow as you want. There’s typically a minimum commitment period (see pricing table) that is pretty short, this period is for your very own good.

This is to prevent “single day” campaigns that do not really benefit much from our services since it usually barely allows any room for optimization. This ensures that your campaign isn’t “rushed” at the expense of us earning a “quick buck” from you. There’s also a “maximum commitment” for our services. This is because every day your campaign runs is a work day for us since we constantly tweak, improve and optimize your campaign’s performance as long as your campaign is running. So say your advertising budget is $150 and you want to spend it within a week. Now, we can’t charge you the same as someone whose budget is $150 and wants to spend it in 150 days. :)


Do you serve clients from any countries?

As long as your fan page content and ads will be in English or Arabic, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where your target audience is from. So basically as long as the communication we manage between you and your audience is English or Arabic, we’re good to go. If communication takes place in any other language, even if you and/or your clients are located in English or Arabic speaking countries, we’ll unfortunately be unable to serve you. But we assure you that we’re always doing our best to add diverse staff members to our team. Our most customers currently come from the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada as well as Dubai and a couple of others middle eastern nations.


How and where do fans see my page/promotion?

People see your promotion through Facebook Advertising. The most common type of Facebook advertising you see is the “sponsored stories”, “sponsored posts” and the short ads on the top right corner of your Facebook profile. See an example of Facebook ad here, and another one for news feed ads here. See a general overview of ad placements here. You typically do not need to study any of this as we determine through testing and tweaking what works best for your campaigns. We’re just answering your question so that you can keep it for general knowledge.


Can I split a single campaign between different pages of mine?

Due to the kind of work involved with each campaign, a campaign is typically defined by running it on a single fan page towards achieving specific goals. Tweaks, optimization and performance improvements are included in the pricing structure. However, major campaign changes, such as changing the “goal” of the campaign, will incur additional fees. As always, you can reach out to us with specifics and we’ll certainly work something out :)


Will the new fans interact with my page and show interest in it?

That’s also a complex question to answer since it’s dependent on your page’s content and the rate of engagement at which your current fans interact with it. What we can tell you though, is that unlike some shady competitors who use fake accounts and questionable tactics to drive fans to your page and inflate the count, fans coming from our services will absolutely WANT to like you, for what you are/what you have to offer/what you do. Best of all, you can monitor everything we do yourself through your Facebook account.


How can I pay you?

We usually invoice you through PayPal (which also accepts the major credit cards even if you do not have a PayPal account). However, for fee payments of $100 or above, we can arrange for an ACH transfer or an alternative payment method. Please do note though that PayPal is the default payment method and we cannot always arrange an alternative, so please do contact us and ask if you really CANNOT pay through PayPal.


When can I get a refund?

If for any reason we cannot provide the agreed upon service, you’re entitled to a full refund. You can also request a refund without stating a reason as long as we have NOT started the service we agreed upon. If your order is delayed for any reason than the date agreed upon you’re entitled to a full refund as long as it has been requested before the service starts. Once we start our service, FanWizard fees are nonrefundable. However, you can stop paying Facebook advertising fees at anytime. If you have any doubts, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to clarify. :)


I love you, do you offer more services like advertising on Twitter, YouTube…etc?

Awww  😳 We love you too! 😀 Sometimes us or our partners can offer what you’re looking for. Never hesitate to shoot us an email and if we cannot do what you want, we’ll at least give you recommendations. :) Simply open up a support ticket and choose “Other” as the inquiry department.


How can I contact you?

We thought you’d never ask. Typically the most reliable (often fastest) way to reach us when we’re not online is through opening a support ticket. Typically when we’re online you can see a chat icon indicating our presence which you can use to chat immediately with us. You can also call us at (814)-310-9939. We usually prefer emails or chat for long inquiries or ones that require sending you links, images..etc. Phone calls are the best if you just need a quick clarification or just want to hear a human voice :)