How to Get Facebook Fans?

Now, more than ever, businesses, musicians, and organizations are flocking to Facebook to help create and boast their brand. With more than 800 million active users and more than 50% of active users logging on to Facebook daily, it makes sense to reach Facebook users to get an impact and have a broad reach. Increasing your Facebook fan count requires more than just sending requests for people to ‘Like’ it. So it’s important to know how to get Facebook fans. It involves a deeper, more strategic plan to create value for to motivate users to become fans.

Create a Forum

Users want to be a part of a community, where they feel their opinions and questions matter. The fan page you create should do just that for the user. A method to help increase this dialogue between users and your page is to ask their opinion and listen to their feedback about your product, events, or surveys, whichever method works for you. People always want to be heard and it is no different on Facebook pages. Giving that ability on your page makes it more likely that users will return to your page to be able to voice their opinion on any issues you bring up on your page.

Appeal to Key Users

In every organization, there are always the key people who are very influential and help lead others. These are the key people you want to target that will help you on how to get Facebook fans. You should work to get seen on their page and be the business, musical group, or organization they’re talking about on their Facebook page. These people typically have large networks and a far reach that will help your brand to gain more visibility. This visibility is important on how to get Facebook fans.

Resource and Exclusive Content

In addition to creating a forum and appealing to key people, you also want to develop your page to be a resource and also offer exclusive content. By offering useful information, keys, and tips to Facebook users, you can be sure that they will find value on your page and return for more information. A great way to increase how to get Facebook fans is to also offer exclusive content that’s not available to those that are not fans. An example is that sometimes companies offer coupons or online credits to users who ‘Like’ their page. Other ideas would be to offer free shipping, weekly days or have contests for fans with prizes for rewards.

If you want to know how to get Facebook fans, you have to develop a Facebook page that creates value for the Facebook user. It has to be exciting and interactive for users to want to join your page and to also give them a reason to encourage their friends to join. The more you can develop a place for users to have a place to stay updated and where they can be heard, the more likely you are to increase your fans.