Before Contacting Support…

You’re about to contact our support team.

Very Important!

If you have a sales question or otherwise a question that can be easily responded to through a phone call, please give us a call:

 1(814) 310 9939

If we’re unavailable to pickup the phone or if otherwise your question cannot be answered over the phone, please make sure:

1. That you read our FAQ first. These really aren’t made up, useless stuff, these are indeed questions we commonly get from customers like yourself. Asking a question that already has a response here will delay our response as other questions that are not listed in the FAQ section will get priority over it.

2. Once you open a support ticket, you immediately receive an email confirmation. If you do not,  then please check your spam / junk folder and whitelist / move to inbox / mark as not spam the message. This is because our system will automatically notify you when a staff member replies to your support request. If that message goes to spam folder, chances are you’ll never know that we replied to your message.

3. Support requests are usually responded to within a few hours but could take up to 48 hours depending on workload.