What We Do

This is where we analyze what your business is all about. What do you offer? How do you offer it? Where do you currently get your customers? This information helps us think like you, the business owner and get a clear view of the big picture so that we can relate to your goals and need, and hence be able to suggest and implement the most appropriate solution.

We ask about your goals in the Client Profile Form. This is the foundation that we use to build all our promotional efforts and manage your expectations. We analyze your defined goals compared to the budget/plan you intend to signup for (or suggest a suitable one if you haven’t) and attempt to make you understand what it will take to achieve these goals, how we’ll be measuring our success/failure and how to deal with an underperforming campaign.

In this step we analyze who your customer/target audience is. Who’s your perfect customer? Sales data you have may help, we also analyze the most engaged people on your fanpage and lookup their demographics in order to get a sense about who we’re trying to reach through our campaign. Once this is done, it’s a lot easier to focus on reaching the perfect audience to control costs and increase your ROI.

We ask you about your top competitors. Usually the bigger and more established the competitor is, the better the data we can dig up about what they do/did to get there and how that compares to what you are currently doing. This helps us narrow down and tweak the strategies we have in mind for running your campaign, as we know what works best for your target audience based on the competitor data that we research. 

This is where we analyze your current efforts and aspects related to your fanpage in its current state. This includes the content you post and how you engage your fans/clients, the rate of engagement, your most popular posts and why they’re popular (so we can help you create more of them), whether you’ve run ads before, your current rate of organic growth, and a lot more.

Campaign setup is where we get our hands dirty. Using all the intelligence we’ve gathered we start planning and executing the campaign. This includes creating the ad, defining the target audience, choosing where the ad shows, defining the budget and setting up any campaign tracking systems that will allow us to see how the campaign performs.

This is actually one of the core components of this service coupled with the “performance optimization” in the next tab. This is often one of the most complex but rewarding task and can make the difference between a 100% ROI and a 300%  or more one. What we do here is we test different combinations of ad text/images/ad types/audience targeting and more variables and track how each and every combination performs.

Using the data obtained from split testing, we are able to continuously tweak your campaign by removing the “bad combinations” then creating more “combinations” from the ones that perform well, then repeating this whole process again. As you can see, this is a virtually endless process and is where the bulk of the maintenance fee we charge you go to.

Once we start seeing good results, we started to analyze how we can reach “more” of your audience and where we can reach them. This allows us to target wider audiences on Facebook, often finding “golden nuggets” by targeting people who you did not think before would be interested in your service, hence increasing your market share. We may also suggest you look into other forms of online advertising (Like Twitter Ads) if we feel they can be beneficial to your business.

It’s no secret that Facebook uses an algorithm known as EdgeRank to determine how often your fans see your posts. Have you always wondered why you may have 5,000 fans but when you post only a few hundred fans see your post? Well that’s why. With the right content we can help increase fans’ engagement with your fanpage, this makes Facebook give more “weight” to your fanpage because your fans are constantly interacting with it, rewarding you with bigger reach. We also guide you towards creating content that keep your fans happy, and eagerly waiting for more.